TFW Dumbbell (DB) Complex

TFW Dumbbell (DB) Complex

A Dumbbell (DB) Complex is a great tool to add to your training if you’re looking to increase fat loss, strength and conditioning.

Summer is fast approaching; if you’re looking to speed up fat loss and get the body you want for summer…this just might be the answer you’re looking for. Not only is it time effective and easy to learn, but it also requires minimal space and equipment.

What is a DB Complex?

 A DB Complex is a simple series of DB exercises performed in seamless succession. At TFW Fit Ground we recommend beginners start off with a DB Complex before moving onto the more advanced and difficult Barbell Complex.

For this particular purpose (Fat loss), the following rules apply for DB Complexes::

  • You must perform 6 exercises
  • You must perform 10 reps of each exercise
  • You must complete the complex in under 60 seconds
  • If you cannot complete the complex under 60 seconds, the weight is too heavy
  • If you can perform the complex in 55 seconds or less you must increase the weight of the DB’s
  • Base the load around the weakest exercise in the series
  • Repeat for 3 – 5 sets

Here’s an example of a TFW Fit Ground favorite DB Complex:

  1. DB RDL x 10
  2. DB Row x 10
  3. DB Biceps Curl x 10
  4. DB High Pull x 10
  5. DB Push Press x 10
  6. DB Front Squat x 10


How to use a DB Complex

A DB Complex should be used to supplement your regular training regimen to enhance fat loss. At TFW Fit Ground we utilize DB Complexes during our high intensity metabolic training sessions.

The key to a DB Complex is the speed and weight used – you should not be using heavy weights that slow the movement down. Every rep should be performed as quickly as possible while maintaining good technique.

Add this to your regular training routine and it will accelerate your fat loss and get you looking lean for summer!

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